Our History & Mission

Mission: To enhance and preserve the quality of life of companion animals by providing access to necessary medical care and education.

Vision: To create a world where no family pet dies due to financial hardship.


Fulfillment: Achieving our mission with dedication to quality and care.
Accountability: Serving our community with respect, honesty, integrity, and transparency.
Collaboration: Creating and nurturing partnerships with our veterinary hospitals.
Empathy: Making decisions and taking actions with compassion and heart.

About FACE:

Established in 2006 by a group of veterinarians and concerned community members, the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that provides financial grants for animal owners who are unable to afford the cost of their pet’s emergency or critical care.

The Problem: Economic Euthanasia

Each year, many animals are brought to their veterinarian with life-threatening conditions. Sadly, many owners cannot afford the critical care their beloved pets need to survive. They are left with one choice—euthanasia. Thousands of treatable pets are euthanized in veterinary hospitals annually.  According to CPI reports, 12.9% of San Diegans fall below poverty level and 33% of San Diegans do not earn enough to cover basic expenses.

The Solution: The Save A Life Program

FACE’s Save A Life Program was created to address the tragedy of economic euthanasia. What started out as a beautiful vision to stop the surrender and euthanasia of beloved family pets has become a supportive center where families in crisis can get a helping hand to save their pets’ lives. FACE grantees are typically low-income families, senior citizens, veterans, military families, students, disabled individuals, or hard-working families and individuals who struggle to survive paycheck to paycheck. With a tagline of “Saving Pets and Helping Families,” FACE’s work is just as important for the animals we save as it is for the families who are spared the heartbreak of losing their best friend. Check out our Success Stories page to meet some of the animals FACE has saved!

Achieving Our Mission:

FACE proudly works with 196 veterinary hospitals throughout San Diego County. Veterinary partners make FACE’s work possible by generously discounting their services for qualified FACE patients by at least 25%, and helping to fundraise whenever possible.

FACE relies solely on donations to continue providing access to life saving veterinary care and to enhance and preserve the quality of life for these loving pets.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
We are a strong force of hope and healing for families and their pets. The FACE Foundation has provided access to life-saving veterinary care to thousands of San Diego pets and their families in need since inception in 2006. Through saving the lives of animals, we help vulnerable families stay whole and spare them the loss of a beloved pet. We help families of all backgrounds and now more than ever we are committed to serving communities that face disproportional barriers, which can limit their access to resources to care for their pets. In our work to help families and save pets, we serve and stand alongside those who have been marginalized. We continue to support humane, fair and compassionate treatment of our fellow humans just as we advocate for the animals.

We seek to listen to, learn from, and amplify the voices of those who have not had a seat at the table to improve our organization and our sector. In so doing, we are committed to sharing our processes and encouraging participation along the way. We appreciate our community’s support of this mission and vision to create a world where no family pet dies due to financial hardship.

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