As a facet of FACE’s mission to save lives and help families, we offer educational programs for youth and adults on topics like animal health and the human-animal bond.

Humane Education Program

Are you looking for a guest speaker, hands-on interactive program for youth, or a special activity for your Girl Scout troop? Well, FACE has the program for you!

We offer a variety of fun and interesting programs that emphasize the human animal bond and STEAM topics through hands-on humane education curriculum. Thanks to generous grant funding from the Ackerman Foundation, Boys and Girls Foundation, and the Wong Family Foundation, many of our programs are offered free-of-charge, unless noted otherwise.

Want to see our Education Programs in action? Below is an overview of some of the programs we offer:

Dogs, guinea pigs, birds, and a tortoise! Those are just some of the animals you might meet at a FACE education program!

Veterinarian Club:

This is a multi-week program that focuses on veterinary careers through experiential activities and games. We also discuss common terminology used in veterinary offices as well as some samples of types of medical cases that FACE receives. Maximum 20 students.

Human-Animal Bond Photography Workshop:

Students will see the beauty in all animals as they practice their photography skills. These workshops include interaction with a companion animal, a humane education lesson on proper pet care, and photo sessions with the animals. We supply cameras for students to borrow during the workshop. Maximum 10 students.

Girl Scout Programs:

The FACE Foundation can help your troop earn their Brownie Pets badge, Junior Habitats badge, or Cadette Animal Helpers badge. Our fun and interactive 90-minute programs meet all badge requirements. The $12.00 per participant fee includes all materials needed and the girls get to meet an animal visitor! The FACE Foundation is a Girl Scouts San Diego Community Partner and curriculum for these badges has been approved by Girl Scouts San Diego.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Email our education department at [email protected] or call us at (858) 450-3223 to discuss your program needs and how the FACE Foundation can help!

Check out our Education Station Series:

Education Station: All About Guinea Pigs!

Education Station: Cat Classification Challenge

Educational Webinars

FACE’s new webinar series focuses on pet health and ownership.  New webinars are posted on our events page.

Past webinar recordings:

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Veterinary Rehabilitation

Dog Body Language & Massage

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Pet Photography with Rich Soublet

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