Tribute Wall

We invite you to dedicate a space on our Tribute Wall to honor or memorialize your beloved pet. You may upload a photo and include a written dedication to your pet. Your donation will help to assist families who cannot afford their pet’s emergency or critical veterinary care. Your pet’s photo will appear on our Tribute Wall and randomly on our homepage.

If you are a grieving pet-parent, we invite you to read the beautiful in-memory poem “The Last Will and Testament of Silverdene Emblem O’Neill” by Eugene O’Neill, sent to FACE by local animal lover Murielle Payeur.

Click here to Create a Tribute to Your Pet

  • Skylar
    On behalf of Na Fianna Ladies Gaelic Athletic Club, please remember one of our dedicated member’s beloved family member, Skylar. Fondly called SkylarBear, this pure bred Sterling Labrador was a bright spot in any life she touched due...
  • Andy
    My sweet Ragdoll cat Raggedy Andy was a beloved part of the family for over 17 years. Thanks to Dr. Peter Slusser and the staff at VCA Animal Specialty Group for providing great care that gave us more...
  • Mookie
    IN MEMORY OF MOOKIE “BIG BOY” SCHREIBER Mookie, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, was born in 1998, most likely in a “puppy mill”. Fortunately for him, he arrived at a pet store in New York City, where my daughter...
  • Jake
    Jake was a trooper. Unfortunately lymphoma won – we gave it a huge fight. Found at almost a year old running loose, he joined our greyhound family and although always fearful, he loved his greyhound family. His closest...
  • Oscar
    Oscar was the beloved dog of Sylvia Lampitt, loyal FACE donor and dear friend. Oscar recently made his transition and has crossed over “Rainbow Bridge”. He is survived by his furry family members Poppy and Giselle. He will...
  • Chewy
    Chewy was the the spunky rescue dog adopted by the Gilstrap family. He is best described in their own words: “Four years ago this old, scrappy, deaf, almost blind street dog with five teeth and a BIG attitude...
  • Sparky
    Sparky was having a hard time urinating on Friday and it continued to get worse. So on Monday I took him to our wonderful Parkway Pet Clinic in Escondido, California where he was diagnosed with bladder stones and...
  • Noisy Boy
    Noisy Boy was a stray cat when he wandered into our home. We put him on a list to be admitted to a shelter but by the time they had a spot for him, we loved him and...
  • Tucker
    Tucker is a warm-hearted eight year old black lab who lives life to the fullest. Tucker enjoys taking walks on the beach and in the park, and spending time with his friends and “dad,” Rick. Tucker is a...
  • Shadow
    Shadow was the gentlest, sweetest soul on the planet. When he became ill after eating turkey jerky treats, he never gave up, never changed and remained the gentle soul he always was. As a puppy he had pitch...
  • Blayzer
    September 11, 2002 – September 20, 2014 A month ago I had to put my happy, spoiled and very much loved Blayzer to sleep. He was a healthy boy until he decided to eat part of a throw...
  • Ray
    Our boy Ray came to us when he was just 8 weeks old. He was sweet, gentle, and goofy. He grew to be a confident and loving friend. In August, we moved to the Coachella Valley from Minneapolis....