Shadow was the gentlest, sweetest soul on the planet. When he became ill after eating turkey jerky treats, he never gave up, never changed and remained the gentle soul he always was. As a puppy he had pitch black hair, with black eyes and a black nose which earned him the nickname

“Stealth Dog”. He was a “replacement” for another dog we had lost 3 months earler, but it turns out that he is irreplaceable. The joy and love he gave his human family will last in our hearts forever. He was there when we laughed and he was there when we cried lending his head to your lap. He was supposed to be “my dog”, but somehow, he decided that my husband needed a buddy and they built a bond I didn’t think could exist after the loss of our previous dog, Boo-Boo. He knew when we were supposed to be home and would wait patiently at the back door until the missing member of his pack showed up. He knew when it was time for a walk, and would come into the den and bark just once to let my husband know it was time. He also knew when it was time for bed, and if we stayed downstairs to watch TV, he didn’t mind, he’d just go upstairs by himself and climb on our pillows and wait until we came up. His vet bills in the last 2 weeks were high, but we absolutely could not let our fur-child go without the help. I cannot ever imagine a situation where I would want my best friend euthanized because of an inability to pay. So a heartfelt thank you to the FACE Foundation for all they do. We miss Shadow terribly every day and will remember him always.