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VCA California Veterinary Specialists Murrieta

Sarah Hoggan, DVM
Medical Director, VCA California Veterinary Specialists Murrieta

Dr. Hoggan is the Medical Director of the CVS Murrieta facility, where she also oversees emergency and critical care services. She says, “As a veterinarian, the days that haunt you are when families have to make hard decisions to say good-bye due to financial realities. A broken leg, an intestinal foreign body, a urethral stone, are all surgeries that cost several thousand dollars but can have a very good prognosis! The FACE Foundation has saved the life of these patients and helped our profession. The days you celebrate a discharge fill you joy. Thank you FACE for all you do: helping pets, veterinarian’s, and the people that love them both!”

Thank you to Dr. Hoggan and the team at VCA CVS Murrieta for your parterships!