The Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer

Dog and Cat

Pet care during the summer months is about more than beating the heat and keeping your furry friends cool during hot weather. Check out these great tips on making this a safe and fun summer for your pets!

Thunderstorms: Did you know that pet anxiety during thunderstorms comes from more than just the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning? Pets are sensitive to the static electricity in storms as well. Try rubbing a dryer sheet on their coats to reduce static electricity.

Ticks: Rolling around in the grass is fun, but ticks are no fun at all! To remove a tick, grab the body as close to your pet’s skin as possible and gently pull straight out.

Backyard Barbeques: Keep your pets safe while you and your friends are grilling and chilling! Monitor your pet around open flames, alcohol, insect repellants, and BBQ supplies like charcoal and lighter fluid.

Swimming Pools: Be your best friend’s lifeguard and never leave your pet unsupervised near pools. Teach your dog how to use the stairs to climb out for an easy exit after a planned or accidental dip in the pool. You can also install a pool ramp at the deep end.

Vacations: Plan on taking your dog or cat with you on summer vacation? It’s a good idea to get a list of local emergency veterinary clinics at your destination. You can also get crafty and create a collar tag with your temporary contact information.

And always remember…never leave your pets alone in a parked car!