“I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my paws. You are just kissable and my tail is wagging excitedly. I’m an ESA dog and my mom kinda needs me around, a LOT! Thank you so much for helping us. We cried when we found out you helped us! Well, mom cried a lot, I was not feeling too well.

We woof you very much.

Love and kisses, Punkin & family”


“Blu is happy to be home and able to be with all of her family. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you.  Our family really appreciates what you have done for us and our kitty Blu.”


“Belle was bit in the face by a baby rattlesnake in our driveway. We rushed her to an emergency vet within minutes of the bite. I’m a stay at home mother that homeschools my son who suffers from an ongoing illness. I tried everything possible, but there was no way I could financially afford to pay for Belle’s medical bills. When the vet technician reached out to me about the FACE Foundation I did my research and I filled out the application. When I got a phone call in the middle of the night telling me they had a pledge to pay for the medical bills for Belle, I broke down in tears and I couldn’t believe it. This was a true blessing! Thank you to the donors and the FACE Foundation for everything you do! Belle has healed and is back to her playful, loving loyal doggie self!”


“My fur child Zucchini suddenly became ill and near death. His surgery was far out of my single mother budget. My daughter and I were crushed thinking we were going to lose him so soon, he’s only 2. The VCA animal hospital turned us on to FACE foundation and words can not express how thankful we are. Zucchini is a huge part of our family, as it is only myself, daughter and fur kids. We are so very thankful to have Zucchini on his was to recovery! I hope someday I can return the favor. You guys rock!”


“The FACE Foundation is amazing! They provided funding for surgery to save my boy. We received an extremely fast response – all you have to do is provide what is asked and truly need the help. Thank you so much, looking forward to supporting this foundation anyway we can.”


“Without FACE Foundation our baby wouldn’t be here with us today. We noticed my one year old baby Asher straining to urinate so we called his vet and they suggested we bring him in because it could be more than a UTI, especially since he was a male cat. We rushed over there and found out the boy had a severe urinary blockage. They wanted to perform a PU surgery for the little guy. We were out of funds and options! His vet referred us to FACE and the rest is history! This little guy wouldn’t be here without FACE and Bodhi Animal Hospital. Thank you guys so much!”


“My husband and I took our fur baby and only child Braxton, a mini dachshund, to his local vet Dr. Reh, because he had completely stopped moving his back legs and was immobile. I knew Dachshunds have a predisposition to back problems, but we were always careful and never even thought that this would happen anytime soon because pup is so young. Shortly after checking Braxton out, Dr. Reh directed us to go to the Veterinary Specialty hospital. Thankfully they’re open 24 hours a day to save our furry little family members’ lives.

We got there so worried and not knowing if Braxton would ever be able to walk again. Doctor Compton, a truly amazing human being, who we owe our whole lives to, clearly let us know that Braxton most likely had IVDD and what could be done, and how we could do it to give pup the best chance to recover fully. So we of course said yes, yes, yes, whatever it takes let’s get pup better and happy back to normal which would in his case would require back surgery.

So of course back surgery is a lot of money, so we were in a huge bind. Then after trying everything we could come up with, and with no hope in sight, the FACE Foundation, like little pup guardian angels swooped down to rescue our beloved Braxton. Nothing can describe the amount of gratitude that not only my husband and I feel, but that everyone whose life Braxton has brought happiness to feels. We feel truly blessed and thankful to have the help and support from the FACE Foundation!

Lots of love, gratitude, and appreciation,
The Hart Family”


“The FACE Foundation is Heaven sent! My 7 month old pug Clover had to get eye surgery or would end up losing his eye. I was so distraught of not being able to help my puppy due to a lack of finances. The application process was so much faster than I could have ever hoped for & before I could cry another worried dog mom tear, the FACE Foundation made Clover’s surgery possible in less than 48 hours of me submitting my paperwork! I am EXTREMELY grateful that this organization exists!”


“What an amazing organization!! I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for FACE. My little cat was hit by a car and without FACE he wouldn’t be alive right now. We all know how crazy expensive vet bills can be, especially for pet surgery! I’m a student, and work as a server in a restaurant and there was no way I was going to be able to afford surgery for my sweet little kitty. FACE worked with me and was able to help me get my cat the surgery he needed. I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much FACE and all of the amazing people who donate to help save lives.”

The Gonzalez Family and “Bear”

“My children and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t imagine life without Bear. Without this funded grant we would not be able to help him. God bless you keep doing this work it’s a godsend and it’s appreciated so very much.”

The McFee Family and “Jax”

“I just wanted to thank your organization and your donors so much for saving our cat’s life.  A week ago, Jax was so sick and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have made it another day.  Today he’s back at home and is recovering quickly.  It’s such a terrible feeling to know that you’re pet is going to die because you can’t come up with the cash to cover their medical needs.  I was so stressed as I scrambled to find any way to come up with the money and it was difficult telling my kids that I didn’t think Jax was going to survive because I couldn’t afford it.  When the staff at the hospital told me about FACE, I wasn’t very optimistic that there would be any way I would qualify especially in such a short time.  But I had exhausted all options and quickly applied.  I’m not normally an emotional person but I have to confess when Shelby called me and told me that the organization was going to step in to help save Jax, I was so relieved and so touched by the generosity that I may have teared up a bit.  My family and I are so grateful to your organization and your donors.  I have been singing your praises all over town and telling everyone about this amazing non profit that saved my pets life.  Aside from a few stitches and a conehead, our little furry friend is already back to being the happy cat we all love.  Thank you so much for your kindness.  As soon as I can get myself out of the whole I would be more than happy to make some monthly contributions to help save some other family from this terrible situation.  Here’s a few pics of Jax on his road to recovery.

Thanks Again!!”

Jason, Jax, and Family

The Fox Family and “Abel”

“Words can’t express how grateful and thankful my family and I are for your help. When our cat, Abel got a urethra blockage and re-obstructed within 24 hours I knew it wasn’t good and that he had to get the perineal urethrostomy. With money tight and a baby on the way I started to panic. I couldn’t imagine letting Abel go and thanks to you he is now at home recovering and we are beyond relieved and happy. With your help you saved one of our family members and we are humbled and blessed that your foundation stepped in to help us out. Thank you so so much.”

Lisa and “Wiley”

“Here is Wiley. We were attacked in my neighborhood three weeks ago. He is doing surprisingly well.  He is adjusting to his new normal. Still sometimes forgets his leg is gone and falls over but he’s a trooper-an amazing dog.”

Elizabeth and “Muñeco”

“Hi friends and Family,
This is Muñeco my moms handsome boy. He is full of energy and love. He recently hurt himself…and now has to have a massive surgery. My mom was not only heartbroken learning how serious his injury was, but grew concerned when she learned how expensive the surgery was going to cost. Thanks to the FACE Foundation, Muñeco is going to have his surgery soon! Dr. Anderson from Otay Pet Vets is going to be preforming the surgery. Please donate to this awesome organization! Thank You Patty for helping us, and walking us through the whole process. Please please donate everyone!”

The Thurber Family and “Olivia”


Thank you so much for your help! This little princess Pom is worth every penny! She is quite comfortable -and I think grateful as well-with the surgery and care she had!

Thanks and praises”

The Tucker Family and “Seven”

“Dear Face Foundation,

Words cant even begin to describe how incredibly thankful our family is for this help. When our cat, Seven, ate a sewing needle I knew it wasn’t good but I didn’t truly know what we were in for. When they came out to give us a treatment plan and a price I broke down. I thought we were going to have to let Seven go because there was no way we could afford to help her, and it devastated us. Seven means the world to us. She is our 4 year’s favorite animal in the world. Thanks to you she is now home recovering and we couldn’t be happier. Your help saved this family a lot of grief and we are very grateful of people like you helping out. Thank you so much!”

Tiffany and “Jake”

“Thank you so much for helping my beautiful baby boy”

The Pimental Family and “Avalina”

“Hello, It’s been a while since we been qualified and I’m very happy to announce that Avalina has finished her bandages changes. Without your organization and your help she would have lost her leg thru infection. So my family and I want to give our wholeheartedly gratitude and have attached some photos of her progress. We also wanted to see if you can give us a link or way to donate, so we can maybe help some families who are in same situation. Thank you.”

Elizabeth and “Asher”

“Without FACE foundation our baby wouldn’t be here with us today. 3 weeks ago we noticed my one year old baby Asher straining to urinate so we called his vet and they suggested we bring him in because it could be more than a UTI specially since he was a male cat. We rushed over there as soon as we could and come to find out the boy had a severe urinary blockage. Unfortunately his veterinarian couldn’t perform the surgery that night so they referred us out to another emergency dept that specializes in these cases. They wanted to do medical treatment first to see if maybe he could pass all the obstruction with the aid of a urinary catch unfortunately 4,000 dollars later they wanted to perform a PU surgery for the little guy. We were out of funds and options! His vet referred us to FACE and the rest is history! FACE got in contact with us within one hour despite it being thanksgiving and they gave the go ahead to perform the surgery. This little guy wouldn’t be here without FACE and Bohdi animal hospital. Thank you guys so much! I only wish to be able to donate more than I already do.”

Lane and “Maverick”

“Someone was happy to see us! Surgery was very successful and our sweet boy is home resting now!! Thank you FACE Foundation for everything! Best Christmas gift we could ever ask for! And thank you to Carlsbad Animal Hospital for taking such good care of our buddy!! ❤️❤️

Ferjea & “Snowbelle”

“My family and I approached the FACE foundation when we learned that Snow was suffering from a heart condition and it was estimated that she wouldn’t live past her first year. Although it’s been quite awhile since her surgery, I often think of how thankful we all are to have found this foundation so I just wanted to reach out to express gratitude for your support. I am sure you hear this all the time, but we are so very appreciative, as we would not have been able to get the help she needed if it weren’t for you guys. This foundation and your assistance was such a blessing!

Snow is now 4 years old! If she’s not lounging or snacking, she’s playing with her toys or is out and about (I take her almost everywhere). She especially loves hiking and going to the beach, which would not have been possible if she hadn’t had heart surgery. She brings us such joy and happiness. Thank you for the amazing work you do. You all are truly making a positive difference in these families/pets’ lives.” – Ferjea & “Snowbelle”