The Salazar Family and “Lola”

“I can’t thank FACE enough for the difference they made to my little family! I can’t believe there are amazing organizations like this one. After calling so many vets in desperation to help my dog with a ripped ear, I was referred to FACE Foundation. I’m a single moma trying to get back into the work force. I have limited funds and a vet bill was the last thing that I needed. They answered the phone the entire time. They referred me to a vet that could help and together we helped my little dog, Lola get ear surgery right away. I feel extremely blessed and grateful for the help that they provided us with. If you are looking for an animal charity to donate to, I would really recommend this one. Thank you so much to FACE Foundation and your friendly and efficient staff!”

The Beekman Family and “Kenji”

“FACE Foundation is such a blessing. We were in a really tight spot when we found out our family cat needed surgery. Without the help of FACE I really don’t know what we would’ve done. Help was available as soon as all my paperwork was turned in. I’m so thankful for them ❤️”

The Snow Family and “Honey Bun”

“Honey Bun needed an emergency surgery for an open pyometra. FACE helped us with that surgery. I never knew there was an organization like this to help people who are truly in need to, help save their fur babies. If FACE hadn’t stepped in to help I would have lost my Honey Bun that has been there for so many of my joyous and painful times in the last 10 years. Together VCA animal hospital and FACE have given me many more years together. Spay your female animals to prevent this problem that I never knew existed. Thank you does not even cover the feelings in my heart!”