The Roehrick Family and “EZ”

“If it wasn’t for FACE my EZ boy wouldn’t be here today. We took him to the vet after noticing he wasn’t feeling himself for a few days and after lots of testing and X-rays we found out that he had something lodged in his intestine. The emergency surgery to remove it was way more then we were able to come up with on such short notice. Our hearts broke at the thought of having to put him down because of finances. EZ is just about to turn 7 years young in 15 days and we’ve had him since he was 4 weeks old. After speaking with the vet and stressing all other options on how to come up with the money to save our EZ boy’s life, the vet told us about FACE and how to contact them. FACE gave us a small list of things that they needed from us and in a few short moments we got a call that EZ was approved!! For the first time since being at the vet, the tears in our eyes were from the joy of knowing that our pup was going to make it. EZ was able to have his surgery and is now home resting and focusing on getting all better! From the very bottom of our hearts, Thank You FACE for saving our EZ boy’s life!”