“My husband and I took our fur baby and only child Braxton, a mini dachshund, to his local vet Dr. Reh, because he had completely stopped moving his back legs and was immobile. I knew Dachshunds have a predisposition to back problems, but we were always careful and never even thought that this would happen anytime soon because pup is so young. Shortly after checking Braxton out, Dr. Reh directed us to go to the Veterinary Specialty hospital. Thankfully they’re open 24 hours a day to save our furry little family members’ lives.

We got there so worried and not knowing if Braxton would ever be able to walk again. Doctor Compton, a truly amazing human being, who we owe our whole lives to, clearly let us know that Braxton most likely had IVDD and what could be done, and how we could do it to give pup the best chance to recover fully. So we of course said yes, yes, yes, whatever it takes let’s get pup better and happy back to normal which would in his case would require back surgery.

So of course back surgery is a lot of money, so we were in a huge bind. Then after trying everything we could come up with, and with no hope in sight, the FACE Foundation, like little pup guardian angels swooped down to rescue our beloved Braxton. Nothing can describe the amount of gratitude that not only my husband and I feel, but that everyone whose life Braxton has brought happiness to feels. We feel truly blessed and thankful to have the help and support from the FACE Foundation!

Lots of love, gratitude, and appreciation,
The Hart Family”