Roxanne the puppy who was saved by FACE Foundation after needing veterinary care for a hernia


“Thank YOU FACE for doing all you did to save our baby girl’s life. It’s amazing how quickly love for a fur baby hits you, we only had Roxanne for 1 week and she somehow got a hernia. Your foundation stepped in and did the unexpected and helped us save her. We appreciate all you do and have done for our family and for the many others you’ve helped, THANK YOU!

I’d like to let you know Roxanne is doing amazing. She’s such a lover with a little BIG side of sass. She’s now 10 lbs, sits when asked, does her best to potty outside, plays with our shoes and socks, and completely adores her big sister, Daisy. We are truly blessed to still have her in our family so here’s another thank you and a million times THANK YOU.”