The McFee Family and “Jax”

“I just wanted to thank your organization and your donors so much for saving our cat’s life.  A week ago, Jax was so sick and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have made it another day.  Today he’s back at home and is recovering quickly.  It’s such a terrible feeling to know that you’re pet is going to die because you can’t come up with the cash to cover their medical needs.  I was so stressed as I scrambled to find any way to come up with the money and it was difficult telling my kids that I didn’t think Jax was going to survive because I couldn’t afford it.  When the staff at the hospital told me about FACE, I wasn’t very optimistic that there would be any way I would qualify especially in such a short time.  But I had exhausted all options and quickly applied.  I’m not normally an emotional person but I have to confess when Shelby called me and told me that the organization was going to step in to help save Jax, I was so relieved and so touched by the generosity that I may have teared up a bit.  My family and I are so grateful to your organization and your donors.  I have been singing your praises all over town and telling everyone about this amazing non profit that saved my pets life.  Aside from a few stitches and a conehead, our little furry friend is already back to being the happy cat we all love.  Thank you so much for your kindness.  As soon as I can get myself out of the whole I would be more than happy to make some monthly contributions to help save some other family from this terrible situation.  Here’s a few pics of Jax on his road to recovery.

Thanks Again!!”

Jason, Jax, and Family