Surprising Holiday Dangers

Hello Fellow Pet Lovers!

So Christmas time is a special time and as much as we want our pets to enjoy the seasonal festivities with us, we need to be very careful. There are quite a few hidden dangers during the holidays that most of us pet owners would never have thought. Here is a compiled list of some of the surprising dangers for owners to be on the look out for.

Plants: a few of the toxic holiday plants to be kept out of the grasp of your pet are poinsettias, holly and mistletoe. When you are disposing of these plants make sure they are not left in the garbage can where you pet can rummage through and eat while looking for scraps or leftovers.

Rich, Fatty Foods: deep fried foods, or heavily seasoned foods are too rich for an animals stomach. They cant break down and process it the same way we can. I know it is very tempting to give your pet a small piece of that deep fried turkey or prime rib but its probably much safer to hold back.

Bones: even though dogs eat bones all the time, its only certain kinds. Cooked bones, chicken bones and turkey bones are small, thin and splinter easily in the mouth of an animal which if ingested can cause serious internal damage. The only bones any animal should be getting should be raw and meaty.

Onions: most animals probably wont touch onions but for those ones that will eat absolutely anything- keep the onions away. Onions contain a chemical that can damage the red blood cells and therefore cause anemia.

Grapes/Raisins: while these are good snacking foods, keep them out of reach of pets. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in animals so keep them up high or put away.

Bread Dough: bread dough is dangerous because when ingested it creates a gas in the digestive system which can be extremely painful for the animal and could even lead to the stomach or intestine rupturing.

Ribbons/Candles/Ornaments and Hooks: Puppies and kittens love playing with the ribbon and and bows from presents but it is also very easy for them to swallow pieces of the material and therefore get stuck in their digestive system. Candles are dangerous because of the wax which can cause blockage. Ornaments are going to seem like toys for animals to play with but they can break and become swallowed or the hooks can be swallowed- both could cause some internal damage.

We all know about the dangers of other common items, so lets work on keeping our pets safe this holiday season.

Warmest Wishes,

Friends of Face Foundation