Yogi Bear

FACE Success Story “Yogi Bear” was a carefree 4-month-old pup until an accident left him with a broken leg. His “dad” was a single parent of two young daughters and was barely making ends meet when he was presented with a hefty estimate for Yogi Bear’s surgery. He was fortunate enough to have received assistance from the Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals for the cost of the x-rays, but he needed help to pay for the surgery. Save-A-Life partner Pet Emergency & Specialty Center reached out to FACE to see if we could team up to help this family save their young pup. Because FACE had just received a generous grant from San Diego County, we were able to fund Yogi Bear’s surgery! With the support of so many wonderful organizations and people coming together to help a family when they needed it most, Yogi Bear is still enjoying life with his family today.