Wizard is one of two feline members of the Camerino family. He is a spunky, young cat who enjoys playing with his two human brothers, Joshua and Zach. One day, Wizardís parents, Stephanie and John, noticed Wizard was in excruciating pain during urination, and he was diagnosed later with stranguria and a urethral obstruction. Out of options, Stephanie and John brought Wizard to the veterinary hospital expecting to euthanize him. The costs of veterinary care were too high for the family, who had lost 70% of its dry cleaning business due to the economic downturn. Luckily, FACE provided the family with funding for Wizardís life-saving surgery, and he is healthy and rambunctious once more!

Update on Wizard:

Wizard is back at home recovering with his family. They sent us a nice card showing their appreciation with photos of Wizard with his brother Iron.