Tyson belongs to a full time student who loves his furry best friend with everything he has. One day, Tyson lost mobility of his back legs and his human dad was terrified. He rushed him to the vet where it was found that Tyson had a spinal disease that, if left untreated, would permanently paralyze him. The surgery would cost thousands of dollars that Tyson’s “dad” did not have. Feeling defeated and hopeless, he realized he might be forced to say goodbye to Tyson, who was only a year old and had so much to live for. Thankfully, Save A Life partner Veterinary Specialty Hospital encouraged him to request financial assistance from the FACE Foundation and they were soon approved for a grant! Tyson did great in surgery and his pet parent reached out to express his appreciation, “I owe the FACE Foundation a HUGE thank you for helping out Tyson. He is back at home happy resting. I cannot articulate the amount of gratefulness and happiness I hold in thanks for your help.” This Success Story was only possible because of the generous donations from FACE’s wonderful supporters, thank you!