Twelve year old Shep/Collie/Beagle mix Tricksey-Lyn wasn’t eating and was very weak. Her worried “dad” brought her to Southbay Veterinary Hospital where the vet diagnosed her with pyometra, an infection that develops in the uterus of female animals that have not been spayed. Without emergency surgery, her outcome would be fatal. When Tricksey-Lyn’s dad  saw the surgery estimate, his heart sank. He survives on a limited income from unemployment and food stamps.  He had no way of paying for her emergency care, but couldn’t imagine losing his best friend. Thankfully, his veterinary hospital referred him to FACE. They approved his application for financial assistance, and thanks to Lana Hock, a generous sponsor, Tricksey-Lyn was in surgery before it was too late! Tricksey-Lyn is now back home with her dad and they are ready to face the world together once again.