Tianna L.

FACE Success Story “Tianna” has always been the center of her family, which consists of a single mom, an 8 year old, 11 year old, and 15 year old. She soaked up all their love and attention for about 6 years when disaster struck. An energetic Tianna leaped out of someone’s arms one day and crashed into the ground, breaking her little leg. Her family was heartbroken to see her in pain and they weretold she needed emergency surgery to end her suffering. Tianna’s human mom felt helpless, she relied on child support just to make ends meet and knew at once that this was not something she could handle by herself. Not wanting to lose Tianna, who she considered her fourth child, she resolved to find help. Luckily, she contacted FACE just in time and we were able to team up with our Save-A-Life partner California Veterinary Specialists to provide assistance that saved Tianna’s life! Special thank you to Life Sponsor SaveThisLife.com for making this happy ending possible for Tianna and her family.