All cat owners know that you can’t stop a kitten from being playful! Thelma, who is 7 months old, was recently playing a little too rough. She ended up with two fractures on the growth plate of her back right leg. Thelma’s parents brought her to the VCA Animal Medical Center where they determined that Thelma needed surgical repairs to care for her fractures. Thelma was otherwise healthy and had a great prognosis with treatment but the costs prevented her from receiving the care she needed.

Thelma’s mom recently lost her job while pregnant with twins. With the family adjusting to living on only one income and caring for two new babies, the lifesaving treatment for Thelma was unaffordable and the family was heartbroken. After trying to raise the money on their own, Thelma’s family reached out to FACE for help. After receiving the application, we were able to provide a grant so Thelma could get the surgery she needed.

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