Taz was brought into a local veterinary hospital when his frightened owner noticed unusual bleeding. It was quickly discovered that he would need surgery to have any chance of recovery. This adorable 7-month-old English Bulldog also suffered from an elongated soft palate, making it difficult to breathe. The FACE Foundation was able to assist Taz’s distraught ‘mom’ by covering the cost of his surgery. He is now back to visiting the dog park and playing with his girlfriend Talulah.

‘Before I came to Specialty with my last couple of problems my mom had already spent thousands and thousands of dollars on me even though I have insurance. She didn’t know what she was going to do and she was scared that she was going to lose me too but then the wonderful doctors there and FACE came to my rescue. Neither one of us have the words to say how much you all mean to us.’ ñTaz, as told to owner Jaxston Kyle