“Tabatha” is a five-year-old Golden Retriever who is as gentle as can be! This sweetheart’s owner is retired, lives alone, and relies on Social Security to get by. Tabatha’s companionship is more than enough to make her happy. When Tabatha became very sick one day, her owner’s daughter had to rush her to the vet and it was discovered that since she had never been spayed, Tabatha now had Pyometra! This uterus infection would soon make Tabatha’s body go into shock and she would not survive if she did not receive emergency surgery to have it removed. Wanting to help her mom, but not having thousands of dollars saved up for the life-saving operation, Tabatha’s human “sister” reached out to countless animal rescues and foundations for some help. After being turned away many times her hope was restored when FACE said they would try to help! Luckily, FACE was able to provide the funds to Plaza Boulevard Pet Hospital so they could move forward with the surgery and save Tabatha’s life!