Meet “Sullen!” This cute Schnauzer mix was bit by a snake one day and his “dad” rushed him to the vet so Sullen could get the emergency treatment he needed. The exam alone was difficult for his dad to pay for since he was going through a costly divorce and was dependent on worker’s comp. When the vet told him it would cost over a thousand dollars to save Sullen’s life, his dad was heartbroken. He knew how important Sullen was to his eight year old Autistic son so giving up was not an option. He reached out to friends and family but still came up short. Time was ticking and he soon realized the FACE Foundation was his last hope. Thankfully, FACE was able to approve Sullen for a grant to pay for the hospitalization and antivenin he desperately needed. Now Sullen gets a second chance to enjoy each day with his little family that adores him! Thank you Grey Muzzle Organization​ for providing FACE with the life-saving grant that made this possible.