Stormie W.

It doesn’t get much cuter than FACE Success Story “Stormie!” This little angel experienced a rough patch in her young life when she fell off the bed of a truck and suffered from a serious fracture. Her “mom” was told that Stormie might not make it through the night as the vet tried to stabilize her body after going into shock. Heartbroken, Stormie’s mom went home thinking it was the last time she would see Stormie. By a twist of fate, Stormie pulled through and was back to her happy self in the morning. Her mom was overjoyed but soon realized she was facing thousands of dollars in vet bills. She, her boyfriend, and her mother lived together and they were all on fixed incomes. When the doctor told her how much the surgery would be to repair Stormie’s leg she instantly felt deflated again. Luckily, she heard about FACE and we knew we had to help. After confirming that this family really had no other way to save their puppy, we were able to approve Stormie for a grant and she got the surgery she needed to save her life!