Stinky R.

Meet FACE Success Story “Stinky!” Despite her name, this girl is simply delightful and her “parents” love her to pieces. Stinky’s “mom” had just started working again after having been unemployed for 3 years during her battle with cancer. Stinky’s “dad” worked as well but they were still struggling to get back on their feet. One day, Stinky got very sick and after multiple visits to the vet it was discovered she must have eaten a yummy towel or dish rag. Stinky’s body was not able to pass it and thus she was unable to eat or drink anything for days. Without surgery to remove this foreign body, Stinky had a zero chance of surviving. Her parents had no idea what options they had besides putting her to sleep because they could not afford the emergency surgery. Luckily, the hospital said they had one last chance, the FACE Foundation. After getting an application together, FACE was able to approve Stinky and her family for assistance and Stinky finally got her life-saving vet care!