Sweet “Sophie” is a Miniature Pinscher who is the heart of her family. Her best friends are her two human siblings, eight year old twin boys. Poor Sophia struggled with spine conditions for a couple of years until she stopped responding to treatments and was becoming paralyzed. Her vet told her “parents” that the only option was surgery, a surgery they could not afford. Her family had been struggling financially ever since the twins were born, who had been premature and required extensive medical care. The family was left with medical bills and credit card debt until they had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. This new development in Sophie’s health was more than they could handle. With almost nobody to turn to, they reached out to the FACE Foundation and applied for assistance. Luckily, FACE had the funds to help this very loving and deserving family! After her surgery, Sophie’s parents reported, “She is doing great. We have two 8 years olds who love her so much. They sit by the crate and talk to her about their day and read books to her. We will be forever grateful to your foundation for saving her.” This success story was only possible because of the generosity of FACE Foundation donors, thank you!