When Snuggles was found abandoned on the streets, he was not in the best shape. He was too young to be on his own and had a mangled leg. Fortunately he found Debra, his new family! Debra named Snuggles after his favorite activity and gave him a loving home.

The veterinarian guessed that Snuggles’ leg was either deformed at birth or the result of an attack when he was very young. Snuggles needed surgery to amputate the leg and prevent life threatening infection, but Debra was living on a tight budget and did not have the means to afford it. After doing everything she could to raise the money on her own, she reached out to FACE for help. Thanks to our generous partners and donors, Snuggles has been saved!

“I would like to send a great big thank you to the FACE Foundation for donating towards Snuggles’ surgery. He is doing great after seeing Dr. Morris and Rancho Del Oro Veterinary Hospital for his first follow up visit.  Snuggles and I are so grateful.” – Debra