This pretty lady is “Sinder!” Sinder is a sweet and silly Bull dog who couldn’t be any more loved than she already is by her “mom” and “dad.” One day, disaster struck for Sinder and her family when she came down with not only Pyometra, but she also was in desperate need of a splenectomy to remove her spleen! These two life-threatening conditions took a major toll on Sinder and after 3 days of 24 hour care at the vet hospital, her parents could no longer afford any additional treatments to save her. Sinder was going to need emergency surgery otherwise she had no chance of surviving these lethal illnesses. Time was of the essence so Sinder’s parents frantically reached out for help from friends, family and eventually the FACE Foundation. Without the referral from FACE’s Save-A-Life partner Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, it’s hard to say what would have happened to Sinder. Luckily, FACE was able to pay for her surgery and thus saved Sinder’s parents from having to say a premature and heartbreaking goodbye to a beloved family member.