Update on Seraphena…

Seraphena received the surgery she needed on her fractured leg, and her veterinarian expects her to make a complete recovery. She is doing great now, and is home resting and recovering. She will soon be better than ever.


Seraphenaís adoring family of five was overwhelmed with gratitude when they learned that FACE was going to pay for her surgery, thanks to donors like you. Seraphenaís ìboys,î ages 4, 6, and 9, were overjoyed when they learned their beloved kitty was going to be alright. ìThank you so much for saving Seraphena,î said mom Shara. ìShe is loved very much by our family and my boys adore herÖYour help is appreciated more than youíll ever know.î

Seraphena’s Story…

Seraphena is the beloved kitty of Shara and her family. In a tragic accident, Shara accidentally ran over Seraphena the other night. She is overcome with grief and guilt. She wrote the heartwarming request below. Grab a tissueÖ



My name is Shara, and I am writing you today on behalf of myself, my family and my kitty Seraphena. The other night when we came home, my husband unlocked our gate and I slowly drove forward as we always do. Suddenly, my husband yelled out ìPhena!î I froze when I realized I had just run over our cat! As my heart dropped, I saw her run out from underneath the truck. I could see her right leg was injured. We thanked God that she had not been killed but we were in a bad situation.


My husbandís family owned silk-screening business of 22 years just closed down in March. Since then we have been struggling just to put food on the table.


When I took Seraphena to the vet I was told that without x-rays it would be difficult to know the extent of the damage. I gave all the cash I had on me and put the remainder on my limited credit card to cover the exam and a pain injection. I could not afford the x-rays, which were $175.


I went home with Phena and had to explain the situation to my boys (ages 9, 6 and 4). They were saddened by the news and as I sat at the table talking, my oldest son got up and brought back a glass jar with money. He told me to take his money if it would help Phena. My four year old, who loves Phena and carries her around like a ragdoll, kissing her nose constantly, offered up his birthday money he just received on Saturday. At this point, I had $46. That night we stayed up cutting cable cords and finding every piece of aluminum and copper we had available in our home to sell as scrap. I kept thinking of what else we could do to get money fast, as I had been denied by Care Credit. The only other option was to gather the few pieces of gold jewelry I had.


The next morning I left with Phena in tow and headed to the recycler only to be let down by the measly amount they paid for all the copper we could come up with. My last hope was my gold and Phena and I waited in our truck until the jewelry store opened. After my gold was weighed I was only offered $80 for it. I explained my situation to the jeweler and asked if he could pay $105 for the gold since that was to the dollar what I needed to be able to pay for the x-rays. He said he understood since he was an animal lover himself and gave me the money.


I rushed to the vet to have the x-rays done, and we found out that Phena has a fractured pelvis and a fractured tibia. My vet explained that no matter what they decide to do (splint or surgery), the final costs will be between $1,500 and $2,500.


He asked me what I could contribute to the cost of the procedure and I explained that I had just given them everything I had. I asked if he would accept payments but with the meager amount I could afford to pay, it wouldnít even make a dent. So now I am here writing to you for help. I have posted on Craigís List asking for donations. I have also posted the few ìvaluableî things I have left for sale on Craigís List as well, hoping that maybe I can come up with some money that way.


I am not one for having my hat in my hand and I have always been a firm believer that people should not have pets if they cannot afford them. This accident has just happened at the worst time possible for our family and I am very humbled and embarrassed by not being able to afford my petís hospital fees. To make matters worse, I feel a lot of guilt since itís my fault she is hurt. Please, any help you can afford to give Phena would be greatly appreciated. She is very much loved by our family and my boys hate to see her in pain. They have been great catering to her ñ bringing her food and water to where she is resting and carrying her to the litter box. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and again your help in this matter is appreciated more than youíll ever know.



Sharaís story is abbreviated and slightly paraphrased for clarity.