Meet “Selena!” This sweetheart has been attached to her “mom” since she was a tiny seven-week-old puppy. Her owner wrote to FACE and described Selena as, “my heart, my family, my four-legged daughter.” She was in complete panic when two-year-old Selena suddenly became very ill and was diagnosed with having Pyometra, a severe infection of the uterus that is common with female dogs that are left unspayed. To make matters worse, Selena was going to need surgery that same day! Her mom works as an administrator for a motel and at that time was living there as well. She barely made enough money for food and rent so she instantly knew she would not be able to pay for Selena’s treatment. Thankfully, FACE was able to use a grant from the Animal Farm Foundation to help save Selena! Because of the generosity of the Animal Farm Foundation, Selena continues to be the ray of sunshine in her mom’s life.

Selena2 Selena selena1