Thank you letters like the one below make our hearts swell and remind us how important FACE’s work of Saving Pets and Helping Families truly is. Thank you to our supporters who make success stories like this possible.

“Sampson and I want to Thank You and FACE from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. Sampson is back on solid food and doing much better. Personally, Sampson is more than just my companion, you might say my survival depends on him. My health and mobility became compromised by a series of chronic conditions. I’ve been in a motorized wheel chair for the last ten years. Sampson provides me with life-changing assistance so that I can maintain a productive and positive quality of life, despite my hardships. He comforts me. He makes me smile and laugh all the time. He always loves me unconditionally. As my service dog, Sampson helps to calm me down when I am having a really bad Tourette Syndrome episode. He also helps manage my Diabetes by alerting me when I have low blood sugar. He will nudge me toward the refrigerator and then watch me until I have enough juice to elevate my blood sugar level. Also, because I am deaf in my right ear and hard of hearing in my left ear, I taught Sampson American Sign Language so we can better communicate with one another. He lets me know when someone is at the door or when the phone rings. Sampson is more than just my dog. He is my family and I love him dearly. So, once again Thank You for helping me and my family.”