Sadie Rose cute dog

Sadie Rose

This 9-year-old cocker spaniel, poodle, and chihuahua mix is Sadie Rose and she is as cute as they come! Sadie Rose’s “mom” adopted her as an emotional support animal after experiencing three sudden and tragic deaths in her family. Having been together only 13 months, Sadie Rose and her “mom” have enjoyed many adventures and have grown to rely on each other. Recently, Sadie Rose was diagnosed with bladder stones which required emergency surgery. Living on a fixed income, her mom had no way of paying for the needed veterinary care. The family reached out to FACE and through our Save-A-Life Program, Sadie Rose got the surgery needed to save her life! Thanks to ABC Veterinary Hospital and Life Sponsor Ruggable, Sadie Rose and her mom will be able to enjoy countless happy adventures for years to come!