Say hello to Roxanne! This one year old Queensland Heeler got a little excited one day and jumped out of a moving vehicle. The vehicle had been traveling at around 50-60 mph and Roxanne’s leap of faith led to a painful plummet. After a harsh thud against the road, Roxanne’s owners looked back to see her rolling on the ground in distress. They quickly pulled over, noticed her take a few steps, and then watched as their beloved pet lay motionless in pain.

They quickly drove her to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos for immediate attention. Once there, the wonderful staff at VSH San Marcos determined that Roxanne suffered from multiple fractures and would require a life-saving surgery.

With such a steep bill the VSH staff generously offered a 25% discount, but Roxanne’s family still needed a little extra. Together, VSH and Roxanne’s family contacted the team at FACE asking for help. Thankfully, FACE was able to provide a grant that would cover the rest of the bill and save Roxanne’s life! Today, Roxanne is in better condition and will probably think twice before taking another leap from a moving vehicle.