Race Car Bob

Meet Race Car Bob! This cat is really as cool as his name and has been a constant source of happiness to his owner since the day he was born. Bob usually loves playing with his ‘siblings’ and ‘mom,’ and lives life to the fullest. One day, Bob’s mom noticed him acting strange and crying in pain every time he tried to use his litter box. After a day of this abnormal behavior, she rushed him to the vet where she discovered he had a urethral obstruction. This issue is all too common in male cats, and for the most part unpreventable unless it is diagnosed very early. Unfortunately, unless this condition is treated right away a cat with this can pass away or might have to be euthanized. Race Car Bob’s mom was heartbroken and overwhelmed by the sudden cost of this emergency treatment. She was a single mom in between jobs while supporting a child at the same time. Thankfully, FACE worked with Ramona Animal Hospital to save the life of Race Car Bob, and now he is back at home with his family where he’s supposed to be.