Pup, the nine-year-old staffordshire bull terrier, was taken to the veterinarian for neck pain. Upon exam, Pup was quickly assessed as needing a neurological consult for the pain she was experiencing.

At Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley, Pup’s neurologist delivered some difficult news to Pup’s family. Pup was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD. If not responded to immediately with surgical intervention, Pup risked becoming permanently paralyzed.

Pup’s family was completely shocked. Her condition had come on so suddenly, with no warning signs for them to predict this emergency. The surgery Pup required to regain her ability to walk was completely outside her family’s means, and the urgent nature of her condition left them with no time to save up funds.

When Pup’s family voiced financial concerns, the staff at VSH quickly referred them to contact FACE. Pup’s family reached out immediately for help saving their sweet girl. After talking to Pup’s family, veterinary hospital, and receiving a complete application, FACE was able to make a pledge towards Pup’s life-saving surgery.

After Pup had recovered, her family updated us with these kind words:

“I would like to begin this letter with feelings of such gratitude. We appreciate All of your donations to help a girl like Pup.

It is thanks to your donations that she was able to get her much needed surgery on her cervical spine. We could not express to you how lucky we are to have been introduced to a Foundation like FACE.

Today Pup is able to be out of her crate and hang around her home with us pain free.”