Introducing Porscha, a fun-loving, affectionate one-year-old kitty! After several months of urinary issues, she was finally diagnosed with a rare medical condition. She had a birth defect where her ureters, that connected the kidneys to the bladder, emptied into an abnormal location. This caused a loss of bladder control, and if the infection reached the kidneys, could be fatal. This had been an ongoing issue, so Porscha’s family was out of money and with no idea how they would pay for the necessary surgery. With the help of Veterinary Specialty Hospital, San Marcos and The Narrow Gate FACE was able to assist with Porscha’s life-saving surgery.

“It has been almost a week since Porscha’s surgery and she is doing so much better each day. She is so happy and playful and super loving. Thank You so much for everything! ”