Pongo has been a beloved member of his family for over 7 years. One morning his family woke up to find him weak, overheated, and whimpering in pain. They rushed him to VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center where they determined that Pongo needed an emergency surgery to fix a chronic hernia in his diaphragm. Pongo’s “mom” has 6 young children and she couldn’t imagine having to tell them that Pongo had to be put down because they couldn’t afford the cost of his medical care. Thanks to Life Sponsor Ruggable, she was spared from having that difficult conversation and Pongo is now back to his healthy and happy self.

“I’m so beyond grateful for this non-profit. Our family dog Pongo woke up one morning really sick and not able to walk. I felt like I was losing a child and my kids were so devastated. The surgery to save his life was way more than we could afford. But thanks to the FACE Foundation, we are able to get him the surgery. My family can’t thank them enough for what did to save our beloved dog.”