Pippa just doesn’t know how this happened because she certainly isn’t a big girl with little bones! Pippa is a female pit bull terrier who was born on June 10, 2012. Nicole, her human mom, always thought she’d have a Yorkshire Terrier whom she’d name Pippa. Then she met and fell in love with a Pit Bull Terrier (Nicole said they were so luck to have found each other!) but the name still seemed right. Pippa has lived with Nicole since she was about four months old. On December 17, Nicole took her to the veterinarian because Pippa hadn’t been weight bearing on her right rear leg for a couple of days. No one could identify any trauma that could have caused the lameness. The only thing out of the usual that had happened was that Nicole was in the process of moving and Pippa was jumping on the patio door while the move was taking place. 

On November 21, Pippa had undergone ‘left tibial tuberosity avulsion repair’ which means that both of Pippa’s rear legs sustained breaks in a four week time. If Pippa doesn’t understand why this happened, her veterinarian is equally stumped. In fact, he characterized it as ‘likely bad luck’. Nicole is working hard to pay off student loans. Already reeling from a very expensive medical bill in November, she didn’t know how she could afford Pippa’s new medical bills. Face stepped in and the rest, as they say, is history!

Pippa loves to play with other dogs and if she isn’t playing with dogs, she loves to snuggle with Nicole. Pippa likes to go for long walks and runs and she can’t wait to be active again. Here’s Nicole’s note of thanks. ‘Words couldn’t even begin to tell you how incredibly thankful Pippa and I are for your generosity and love. You truly have made my year and I would not have been able to help her without you. She is a beautiful little girl filled with lots of love and such a personality and I am so thankful I can still call her mine because of you’.