Meet FACE grantee “Pickles!” This Toy Poodle mix is the pride and joy of his “mom’s” life. One day, Pickles was startled by a loud noise and crashed into the bath tub. His human mom was devastated to learn from her vet that Pickles had a broken leg and would need surgery immediately. Pickles’ mom was in the process of applying for disability and was not working at the time; therefor she had no way of paying for this surgery. Unwilling to even think of what would happen without treatment, Pickles’ mom searched for a helping hand. Lucky for her and for Pickles, she heard about the FACE Foundation and was relieved to hear she was approved for financial assistance. Despite being on such a tight fixed income, Pickles’ mom promptly signed up for a small monthly donation to “pay it forward” so FACE could continue to save pets in need like Pickles! FACE is grateful for any and all support, including the cooperation from Save A Life partner VCA Animal Medical Center of El Cajon!