This is Peanut, a five year old male cat who shares a home with his mom, dad, and two teenage siblings. Since his family got him, their lives have never been the same. Mary and Jay, Peanutís human ìparents,î worked hard to raise a beautiful, healthy, and fun-loving family. Recently, Jay became unemployed and Mary took on two jobs to help pay the bills. Their financial situation had become a bit of a struggle, so you can imagine how scared they felt when they found out Peanut had a life-threatening urinary blockage.

With a treatment estimate of over $2,000, Mary and Jay franticly began searching for solutions. They couldnít stand to see their beloved Peanut in so much pain! Together they collected as much as they could, started an online fundraiser, and eventually contacted FACE. Understanding that Peanutís condition was time sensitive, the FACE team jumped into high gear and approved a grant for Peanutís treatment. 

Thankfully, with the help of the FACE Foundation and his hardworking pet parents, Peanut can now rest at ease in the comfort of his own home with his loving and dedicated family.