Peaches the Pitbull was only one year old when she feasted on an elegant beaded pillow. Peaches soon realized how much of a mistake that was, she spent the following day and night vomiting uncontrollably as her body tried to get rid of the foreign object in her tummy. Her “mom” works full time at a job that pays minimum wage and her mother is on disability so between the two of them it was a challenge just to pay for Peaches’ x-rays and medicine to stop her from vomiting. They were blown away to discover that surgery to remove these foreign bodies would cost thousands of dollars, and Peaches needed the surgery immediately! Luckily, the FACE Foundation was created to prevent San Diego families from ever having to make the heartbreaking decision to put down a beloved family member due to financial hardship. The Bastet Veterinary Hospital generously discounted the surgery so FACE could help save Peaches!