Meet Pancho! This handsome little Chihuahua suffered from a broken jaw that made it impossible to eat and live comfortably. His foster “parents” knew Pancho wouldn’t be able find a permanent home until his health improved, so they decided to officially adopt him. After taking him to a local vet, it was determined that Pancho’s jaw had been infected all the way down to the bone! The only way to save him would be an immediate surgery that would remove the infected area. Panic and dread soon set in. They weren’t sure how they were going to pay for Pancho’s procedure. They had already exhausted most of their funds on other family expenses, but they knew they couldn’t give up on him. That’s when they found the FACE Foundation! They told us how much they cared for Pancho. He was already a part of their family and had developed a close bond with their autistic family member. FACE was able to grant this sweet little guy the funds he needed to get his surgery and finally be pain-free!