Meet Pancake! Pancake is a beautiful cat who came into the life of her “dad,” Omar, when his friend became ill and could no longer take care of her. Unable to resist her sweet face, Omar knew he had to give her a home. After two wonderful years together without any issues, Pancake unfortunately got herself into a bit of trouble: she escaped from home while Omar was at work and was hit by a car.

When Omar got home from work, he saw Pancake laying in the driveway motionless. He rushed her right away to the nearest veterinary hospital where, after many tests, they determined she had serious lung damage that needed treatment immediately to give her a good chance at survival.

Omar worked as a caregiver full time while also supporting two children. Needless to say, an expensive veterinary treatment was not something he expected or was able to afford at the time. Thankfully, he was referred to FACE Foundation, and after submitting an application for assistance he and Pancake were approved! The hospital immediately started treatment for Pancake, who now has many more great years ahead of her.

Special thanks to all FACE supporters for keeping Pancake and Omar together.