Otis F.

Otis is a gentle and loving Pit Bull/Shar Pei mix who escaped from his home and was tragically hit by a car. He sustained a broken leg and needed emergency surgery or would have to be put to sleep. The news was more than Otis’ human dad could bear. He was on the verge of filing bankruptcy and his girlfriend who helped him financially here and there was struggling with credit card debt herself. He soon exhausted all of his resources and realized he had nowhere else to turn to for financial relief. He applied for FACE funding as soon as he heard about the foundation and pleaded, “My kids are heartbroken and I am trying to do whatever I can to save him. He’s such a sweet and loving boy, I can’t give up on him.” As luck would have it, FACE had the support of Life Sponsor Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Save-A-Life partner Pet Emergency & Specialty Center and so we were able to save Otis!