It’s all fun and games until someone ends up at the vet hospital! That’s exactly what happened with our friend “Ollie.” This handsome little guy was rough housing with another dog and ended up with a broken leg that was terribly painful. Save-A-Life partner Pet Emergency & Specialty Center soon learned that Ollie’s “mom” was unable to pay for this life-saving operation. She was on leave from work at that time and was dependent on assistance to get by until she returned to her job. Terrified of what this meant for Ollie, she decided not to give up and instead sought out some help. Lucky for her, FACE was able to work with the hospital to make sure Ollie would not be another victim of “economic euthanasia.” She was so grateful that she made sure to keep FACE posted on how Ollie was recuperating, “Ollie is feeling better this week. Frisky and bright….Ollie and I are so grateful to you for saving his life.” Without contributions from our donors Success Stories like this one would not be possible!