Meet Ollie, a playful pup who recently got into some trouble after eating something he should not have. At Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, x-rays confirmed that Ollie had a foreign body obstruction and needed surgery as soon as possible to save his life, but because of the COVID-19 health crisis, his family could not afford the care. Ollie’s loving “mom” works as an aid for a special education class and is currently on an unpaid break due to California’s Shelter in Place order. With so much uncertainty of when schools will be back open and when she can get back to work, Ollie’s mom knew she needed help so she reached out to FACE.

Thanks to the generous support from Life Sponsor Allison Shamrell Photography, Ollie was able to get the surgery he needed. He is now back with his family, giving his family plenty of love while they practice social distancing at home.