Meet Odie! Odie escaped outside his house and was hit by car, causing trauma and a fracture. FACE was able to help get Odie the emergency treatment he needed. Please see Odie’s full story below, written by his owner Maria.

To all those who helped my family,

This letter is to express my deepest thanks to you, the people and organizations that saved my familyís dog Odie. When Odie was struck by a vehicle last week, time stood still for me. I knew I would not be able to afford to save Odie by myself, and the thought of having to break the news to my children was devastating. The past few months have been a string of unfortunate events for my children and I ñ we lost my mother and grandmother in quick succession, and both my father and young son have begun to experience serious medical issues. Odie has been our saving grace. His energy and love pulled us all out of our personal depressions; even more, he has developed a significant bond with my autistic son, significantly aiding him as he faces further complications from his disorder. It is a clichÈ, but for our family it rings true: Odie truly is a part of the family.
And thanks to outstanding members of our community, Odie will continue to bring love to our home. He has come out of his surgery and is in recovery as I write this. Within 48 hours our dog will be back home with my children, and within 3 to 4 weeks he will be good as new. This is a miracle to me, and I would like to personally thank all those who helped:

To Face Foundation: Your coverage of Odieís bill is unprecedented, and I am still in awe of your benevolent help. Thank you for helping to save our beloved pet.

To Petsurg Specialty Veterinary Care: Not only did you make a considerable deduction to the bill, but your staff also took incredible care of Odie during his operations. Truly, your generosity is only matched by your fantastic skill.

To the San Diego Animal Shelter: Thank you for both your financial support and kind help in transporting Odie to the treatment facility. Your staff have been incredibly thoughtful and supportive throughout this hardship, and my family and I am thoroughly grateful for it.

To the Foundation for Care of Indigent Animals (FCIA): Your organizationís resourcefulness and guiding help was what spurred me to reach out for help in saving Odie in the first place; he would not be alive had it not been for you. In particular, I would like to send a special thank you to Judy. Your breadth of knowledge and depth of concern you gave to my family speaks to your wondrous character; you have my highest regard.

While remembering these kind deeds, one of my favorite quotes sprung to mind: ìWhen itís dark, be the one who turns on the light.î Thank you to all those above for flipping the light back on for my family. You have my deepest thanks.

Maria and Odie