Meet “Natalia!” Natalia and her youngest human sibling are the best of friends and are inseparable. When Natalia got stuck under the couch one day, her little elbow was badly injured in the process of being rescued. Natalia’s vet gave the family an estimate that was drastically out of their means. The family’s father is away on deployment and their mother is a home-maker with 4 children and one grandbaby under her roof. One income was barely enough to make ends meet, therefor there was no way they could pay to repair Natalia’s injury. Natalia’s “mom” knew her youngest son would be devastated with the news, luckily, she was spared that heartbreaking conversation because FACE was able to help pay for Natalia’s life-saving surgery! Special thanks to Save A Life partner California Veterinary Specialist in Murrieta for working with FACE to help this keep this family together and for saving this young kitten’s life.