Muñeca F.

FACE Success Story “Muñeca” is the friendliest little Toy Poodle you could ever meet. When she came down with bladder stones that obstructed her urethra her family was told she needed emergency surgery or her time was limited. Muñeca’s human mom was a home maker and so the only source of income for the family was their father’s job as a self-contracting gardener. They have two kids, an eleven year old and a 22 year old in college. Devastated to hear that their beloved furry family member of 9 years could die from this medical condition, they frantically looked for assistance. Luckily, their hope was restored when Save-A-Life partner Plaza Boulevard Pet Hospital told them about the FACE Foundation. They applied for a grant and were overjoyed to hear that FACE was able to help pay for Muñeca’s life-saving surgery! The family wrote to FACE, expressing their gratitude: “Thank you FACE for helping us with the surgery for Muñeca. Everyone at the house is happy we could get help. She is doing well and is anxious to play again!” FACE would like to thank SKY Facial Plastic Surgery, Inc. for being a Life Sponsor and making it so we could help this family save their precious girl’s life!