Mu’Mu is a sweet young  pup who was tragically hit by a car near her home in Spring Valley. When her owners took her to the front yard to use the bathroom, something spooked her causing her to run into the nearby street. A car hurling through their residential area struck Mu’Mu, who became stuck under one of the car’s front tires. Luckily, a tow truck was in the area and was able to lift the car off of poor Mu’Mu, who was completely in shock. Once she was free, Mu’Mu’s owners rushed her to the hospital – she needed emergency treatment for a broken pelvis, multiple lacerations and burns. Her family worked hard to fund-raise and to find the driver of the car that hit Mu’Mu, who left right after the car was lifted. After turning to everyone they new for help, they were finally pointed to the FACE Foundation. FACE reached out to our supporters and the support was incredible. MuMu is now back at home with her loving family.