When Muffins parents found out she was pregnant, they were unsure of how it happened. At the time, they didn’t think too much of her pregnancy until she went into labor. Muffin was rushed to the emergency hospital and diagnosed with dystocia, a condition in which the pet is unable to give birth naturally. She needed an emergency C-section in order for her and her pups to survive. Muffin’s mom was also pregnant at the time of her emergency and was only receiving unemployment as an income. Her parents had no way of paying for her emergency care, but couldn’t fathom the idea of losing their best friend. The      emergency hospital contacted FACE for help saving Muffin and her little ones. A generous grant towards our Save-A-Life Program enabled us to assist funding Muffin’s care and educate Muffin’s parents on the importance of spay/neuter to prevent emergency situations like this.